Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Raising Krap (Kaine) Censorship

Here is what: [Ben, Lowell, Anonymous is a Woman, and The Gray Havens ] DO NOT WANT YOU TO SEE!

  1. Note- Nothing profane or personal in this post.
  2. One might disagree- but for these clowns to stifle debate is absurd.
  3. Probably why Raising Kaine and Not Larry Sabato's website traffic is dropping like a rock
  4. The Committee of Public Safety will work on getting these comments reposted!


Anonymous said...

Moonbats have gone off the deep end.

Thought this was BS until I saw the new diaries on Raising Kaine were written by the same folks who deleted your rebuttal

Jannie "Funster" said...

I'm not sure on this. I thought the 10th District Truth was more problematic.