Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Raising Krap (Kaine) Censorship

Here is what: [Ben, Lowell, Anonymous is a Woman, and The Gray Havens ] DO NOT WANT YOU TO SEE!

  1. Note- Nothing profane or personal in this post.
  2. One might disagree- but for these clowns to stifle debate is absurd.
  3. Probably why Raising Kaine and Not Larry Sabato's website traffic is dropping like a rock
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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Leslie Byrne's Original Wikipedia Page

Click the picture for a better view- Wikipedia is where the Raising Kaine moon bats get all their information!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Leslie Byrne: Screw the Consumers, I'm going to Paris

As the race heats up, Jacque #3 reminded me of a little controversy Leslie Byrne created after the Clintons gave her a position at the Office of Consumer Affairs. (She was quite the kneecapper for the Clintons in her brief tenure on the Hill.)

In the fall of 1997, the Office announced that it would have to terminate several employees, disconnect a national consumer hotline and cutback on customer service because it had exceeded its annual budget by $90,000. Part of the reason why the Office ran out of money, of course, was that Leslie Byrne took an expensive vacation to Paris on the taxpayer's dime. (Ostensibly to attend a conference, but why did her husband need to go too?)

As a result of Byrne's reckless misuse of government money, hard working folks lost their jobs, consumer's couldn't get the help they needed and, ultimately, the Republican Congress later zero-funded the Office of Consumer Affairs.

So, Leslie Byrne claims to be a crusader for consumers, but her inappropriate actions nearly closed down the Office of Consumer Affairs. Go Leslie!

There isn't a link because it happened so long ago, but interested parties can check our an article on this fiasco that ran in the Washington Post on 9/11/97.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Leslie Byrne To BullDoze Civil War Battlefields To Build Disneyworlds!

Call Leslie Byrne, Tell Leslie you like America more than Disneyworld.

"When Rep. Leslie L. Byrne heard that another member of Congress wanted to protect a Civil War site by blocking a theme park in her Northern Virginia district, Byrne's response was swift: return fire.

Byrne (D-Va.) said she told Rep. Michael A. Andrews (D-Tex.) "that he better back off Disney, or we might have Congress investigating strip joints around the Alamo."

Ill be damned if I let Leslie the Loser drive her bulldozer over CIVIL WAR BATTLEFIELDS to build DISNEYWORLDS!

Vote Leslie, Get This:

Everywhere you see on of these:

Some Facts About Disney / Disneyworld:

"In 1995 Federal Agents raided 2 sweat shops in Los Angeles which manufactured Disney stuff. Yes, good old L.A. We're not talking Viet Nam, thousands of miles away anymore...we're talking Los Angeles! Woah! One was the Nathan J. Co. who was using kids as young as 12 to make Disney Apparel. The other was the "Too Cute' Disney Label which, on top of using kids for workers, owed a lot of money in back wages. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, most of the folks working in the "Too Cute" factory were Thai Nationals working off debts to professional smugglers who got them into the country. Only it was a debt that never got paid because it turned into a slavery kind of situation."

Disney Pays Back Wages To Contractor
Published: December 15, 2001

The Walt Disney Company paid $903,000 to the State of California this week to cover back wages for a contractor who violated child labor, minimum wage and overtime laws while producing toy tiaras and wands.

Disney made the payment after state investigators found that the contractor, KTBA Inc., had paid some workers $1.20 an hour, far below the federal minimum wage of $5.15 an hour and the state minimum wage of $6.25.


It's been 145 years since thousands of inexperienced young men lined up to shoot each other on the hills and ridges above Bull Run. On that occasion — July 21, 1861 — twhipped the men from the North in a battle that will be remembered as the first big one of the Civil War.

A year later, on those same hills, many of the same young men were back. This time most of them were all too experienced, and they had gotten much better at their craft. It was a much bigger and costlier battle — the one fought Aug. 28–30, 1862 — but the result was the same. Another decisive Confederate victory. The two battles of Manassas made this piece of ground about 30 miles west of Washington DC one of the most historically significant in the country and a destination for hundreds of thousands of visitors each year.

The pristine 5,000-acre Manassas National Battlefield preserves the most significant areas of the fighting. But the park, which originally was way out in the country, is now very much an oasis in the midst of relentless residential and commerical development...


Of the DEADLIEST Battles in the CIVIL WAR- Many were in Virginia. These brave soldiers didn't die so that Leslie Byrne could build a Disneyworld where they fell.

Battle of Spotsylvania
Date: May 8-19, 1864

Location: Virginia
Confederate Commander: Robert E. Lee
Union Commander: Ulysses S. Grant
Confederate Forces Engaged: 50,000
Union Forces Engaged: 83,000
Winner: Confederacy
Casualties: 27,399 (18,399 Union and 9)000 Confederate)

Battle of Chancellorsville
May 1-4, 1863

Location: Virginia
Confederate Commander: Robert E. Lee
Union Commander: Joseph Hooker
Confederate Forces Engaged: 60,892
Union Forces Engaged: 133,868
Winner: Confederacy
Casualties: 30,099 (17,278 Union and 12,821 Confederate)

Battle of The Wilderness
Date: May 5-7, 1864

Location: Virginia
Confederate Commander: Robert E. Lee
Union Commander: Ulysses S. Grant
Confederate Forces Engaged: 61,025
Union Forces Engaged: 101,895
Winner: Inconclusive
Casualties: 25,416 (17,666 Union and 7,750 Confederate

Battle of Second Manassas

Date: August 29-30, 1862

Location: Virginia
Confederate Commander: Robert E. Lee
Union Commander: John Pope
Confederate Forces Engaged: 48,527
Union Forces Engaged: 75,696
Winner: Confederacy
Casualties: 25,251 (16,054 Union and 9,197 Confederate)

Friday, March 21, 2008

Did Gerry Get a Divorce in 1997?

I've heard him say he's been married to the same nun for 30 years, but Maryland court files have a divorce case for a Gerry of the same odd spelling.

Case Information
Court System: Circuit Court for Anne Arundel County - Civil System
Case Number: 02C97038635
Case Type: Divorce-AbsoluteFiling Date:06/23/1997
Case Status: Closed/Inactive
Case Disposition: Disposition Date:10/09/1997
Plaintiff/Petitioner Information
(Each Plaintiff/Petitioner is displayed below)
Party Type: PlaintiffParty No.:1
Address: 1437 JERROLD PLACE
City: CROFTONState:MDZip Code:21114
Defendant/Respondent Information
(Each Defendant/Respondent is displayed below)
Party Type: DefendantParty No.:1
Address: # 820
City: ALEXANDRIAState:VAZip Code:22307

So have you heard that Lowell is an Asshole?

Consider this a Friday night open thread.


Controversy for Denneny. Welcome to the 11th Commander!

From that asshole Lowell:

I like and respect Doug Denneny, which is why I was so disappointed to receive this negative attack email (against Leslie Byrne) from his campaign:

Here's the presser that asshole Lowell was referring to:

Contact: Kevin Franck, 443-254-0164

March 21, 2008

Commander Denneny More Qualified Than Byrne to Lead on Iraq Issue

Denneny In Midst of National Media Blitz on Anniversary of Heroic Iraq Air Raid

Fairfax, VA- While Leslie Byrne has endorsed an Iraq war plan developed by a public relations firm, Commander Doug Denneny continues a national media blitz discussing his own plan for a smart, phased withdrawal.

"I'm glad Mrs. Byrne has finally found a plan to end the war in Iraq, unfortunately it's not her own." said Denneny Communications Director Kevin Franck. "Commander Denneny has his own plan based on his experience on the ground in Iraq, at the Pentagon and on Capitol Hill."

Noting that the "responsible plan" endorsed by Byrne was developed by a public relations firm, Franck said, "Our servicemembers' lives are on the line in Iraq. They don't need slick talking points or political spin. They need real leadership." Franck added, "Commander Denneny will bring our troops home in a smart, phased withdrawal and he doesn't need a PR consultant to tell him how to do it."

Commander Denneny served over twenty-two years as a U.S. Naval Flight Officer. He is a former TOPGUN instructor and earned the Distinguished Flying Cross with a "V" for valor while commanding a fighter squadron during Operation Iraqi Freedom. He went on to work for the Joint Chiefs of Staff as a legislative liaison. After retiring from the Navy, he turned to local leadership in Fairfax County as President of his neighborhood citizens' association and a member of multiple committees and task forces.

Tisk. Tisk.