Friday, March 21, 2008


Controversy for Denneny. Welcome to the 11th Commander!

From that asshole Lowell:

I like and respect Doug Denneny, which is why I was so disappointed to receive this negative attack email (against Leslie Byrne) from his campaign:

Here's the presser that asshole Lowell was referring to:

Contact: Kevin Franck, 443-254-0164

March 21, 2008

Commander Denneny More Qualified Than Byrne to Lead on Iraq Issue

Denneny In Midst of National Media Blitz on Anniversary of Heroic Iraq Air Raid

Fairfax, VA- While Leslie Byrne has endorsed an Iraq war plan developed by a public relations firm, Commander Doug Denneny continues a national media blitz discussing his own plan for a smart, phased withdrawal.

"I'm glad Mrs. Byrne has finally found a plan to end the war in Iraq, unfortunately it's not her own." said Denneny Communications Director Kevin Franck. "Commander Denneny has his own plan based on his experience on the ground in Iraq, at the Pentagon and on Capitol Hill."

Noting that the "responsible plan" endorsed by Byrne was developed by a public relations firm, Franck said, "Our servicemembers' lives are on the line in Iraq. They don't need slick talking points or political spin. They need real leadership." Franck added, "Commander Denneny will bring our troops home in a smart, phased withdrawal and he doesn't need a PR consultant to tell him how to do it."

Commander Denneny served over twenty-two years as a U.S. Naval Flight Officer. He is a former TOPGUN instructor and earned the Distinguished Flying Cross with a "V" for valor while commanding a fighter squadron during Operation Iraqi Freedom. He went on to work for the Joint Chiefs of Staff as a legislative liaison. After retiring from the Navy, he turned to local leadership in Fairfax County as President of his neighborhood citizens' association and a member of multiple committees and task forces.

Tisk. Tisk.


Anonymous said...

Does Denney mention that his experience on Capitol Hill was working for John McCain?

this is going to be a fun campaign.

Maximilien Robespierre said...

Hmm. Interesting.

I've also heard that he plays golf with terrorists.

Let the fun begin