Thursday, March 6, 2008

About Me, Leslie and Jim Webb!

Well to our friends and enemies, We apologize for our long absence-

First, thanks for the website hits and fan / hate mail! We will respond ASAP!
But as (Conservative / Democratic / Progressive )political operatives we have had other, more pressing professional responsibilities.

In any case- this website it about the TRUTH! And the truth of the matter in the 11th District is, that the Democrats, or as Leslie Byrne would say of Mark Warner-DEMO-RATS, will probably win.

Thus it comes down to the independents and conservative leaning individuals to ensure that Lefty, the Loser Leslie goes back into the political graveyard she has been digging herself for the last 20 years- For as Leslie would say- we're going to end up with Mark Warner, the "Republican Light" "Rat" who, according to Leslie wont let minorities vote for him- It is all the more important that we independents and Conservatives, and (gasp) progressives (progressive as in not beholden to machine / party candidates) wish to have the slightest chance at fair representation- Myself and the committee of Public Safety (Made up of a Republican, a Independents, a Democrat, and a Progressive) feel obliged to put each, and every candidate through the ringer, to shake them upside-down and watch the corruption fall out!

Thus for, each, and every candidate will be torn to pieces- here for your and our enjoyment. There is a lot of dirt to go through, but since we all mutally despise Leslie the Loser- we will finish up with her, then move onto Lori Alexander, Gerry Connolly, Dough Denneny and Keith Fimian.

So, here is your 'insider' political gossip drop:

-Today, Senator Jim Webb lost quite a bit of credibility for tepidly endorsing Leslie the Loser.


Why, in the world would a decorated war hero endorse a college drop out Mormon / Moron like Leslie you ask?

Very simple- but put on your thinking caps!

1. Think Harris Miller v. Jim Webb primary
2. Gerry Con-me endorse Miller right off the bat
3. Thus, for the shameless hack Leslie- she figured- (and I quote her exact internal thoughts- thanks to a former staffer:) "Well I might as well hedge my bets, endorse Webb and the worse thing that can happens is that if he loses it will all be water under the bridge!"
4. What, if anything did Leslie do, exactly to help Webbey win?
5. Not a damn thing- Very few joint public appearances. Perhaps she sent him some of her Jimmy Hoffa contacts (Paid him off, hey after all- even cheap 'Just For Men' Orange Hair Dye is expensive when you use it every day!)
6. Can't imagine Leslie playing well for Webbey in Southern Virginia, after all you Demo-Rat ass-clowns gave my Republican buddies the Lt. Gov and Attorney General Seat by nominating Leslie, the Loser!
7. So, why did Webby take the plunge?
8. Remember Webb. George ‘Macca’ Allen?
9. Perhaps he was onto something with the TAILHOOK SCANDAL!
10. PERHAPS WEBBEY was afraid that his completely understandable and rationally, but politically damaging HE-MAN-WOMAN-COMBAT-HATING tendencies would come back to bit him in the ass if / when / soon he get the Demo-RAT Vice Presidential nomination?
11. THINK THINK! THINK! (It hurts a little bit, but you’ll be better off in the long run-- we promise!)

PS: Look in your voter file for someone who voets R, but voted Demo-Rat in the last primary!

More clues soon!

Keep the hits / fan / hate mail coming!

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Anonymous said...

Like I am sure many others did, got the google alert and came to see- Ill admit the appearance of impropriety is there- with this and the other post about DPVA rules. I guess it depends how jaded you are- I am with you on the DPVA post, Webb one maybe, but with most quality conspiracies I guess there usually isn’t a smoking gun.