Thursday, March 20, 2008

Was Gerry Drunk? Beligerant? Both?

Controversy is swirling around a traffic citation Fairfax whatever Gerry Connolly was issued about a year ago. Sources tell us there might be something fishy going on. As FFX court records indicate, Connolly was pulled over and eventually cited by Police LT. Kitzerow of FFX Police.

Hmmm. Isn't it a little unusual that such a high-ranking office would write what turned out to be a minor speeding ticket?

Did officers on the scene call for a supervisor to deal with an unruly politician?

Or did Gerry have to call in a favor (and gawd knows he must have some chits to cash in) to avoid a more serious charge? Perhaps a charge that might have ended his public career if it was exposed?

Stay tuned, I hear Emily's List is on the case.

Case Number: GT07003344-00 File Date: 04/04/07 Complainant: KITZEROW LT Locality: CITY OF FAIRFAX
Defendant: CONNOLLY, GERALD EDWARD Defense Attorney:
City/State Address: FAIRFAX, VA 22031
Sex: Male Race: White Caucasian (Non-Hispanic)
DOB: 03/30/****
Charge: FAIL TO OBEY TRAFFIC SIGNAL Code Section: 46.2-833 Case Type: Infraction Class:
Amended Charge: Amended Code Section: Amended Case Type:
Offense Date: 03/31/07 Arrest Date: 00000

Apparently there are also pictures of the incident in question...

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