Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Leslie the Loser Goes Negative

From the Fairfax Connection- "Byrne Looks to November- Democrats say they are likely to take 11th District." February 6, 2008:
  • "'Byrne said she has an advantage over her two potential primary opponents because she is an experienced legislator. She would enter the House of Representatives with one term of seniority and more experience."Being an executive is not quite the same thing as being a legislator," said Byrne.
  1. Leslie's legislative successes:

  • This picture was taken today. On the stump, Leslie is claiming that her token legislative fix- requiring trucks to cover their cargo is some astonishing accomplishment. Ill have to read that bill, but im guessing the language is slightly less complicated then a bill to withdraw the US Military from Iraq.

2. One term of seniority?
I don't see how this is a plus. Seems sort of strange to campaign on 'experience' from just 2 years in office, after which Leslie has done nothing but lose campaign after campaign.
So Leslie is in favor of the seniority system?

"And the House went even further, empowering party leaders to choose committee chairmen -- and remove them -- without any consideration of seniority. The rule changes altered the way the House worked. Power was far more centralized, making the body more efficient..."

Member of a party with the most unbroken service… Does not take into account individual expertise of members, the ability to have a good working relationship with other members, or loyalty to the party's general objectives and programme…. Resulted in most of the chairman being much older than the average member.. 'senility system' Seniority system helped those members who were from one-party areas where, in practice they faced little real competition at
elections." (The American Political Process- by Alan R. Grant- 2004)

The Seniority System Isnt Automatic.

Times Have Changed.

Many current and former elected officals have been quoted expressing their distain for Leslie and her 'slash and Byrne' style of politics. Leslie hasnt been to kind hereself.

Thus, in the unlikley event Leslie was elected- she and the citizens of Virginia's 11th district would be in the back bench.

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