Sunday, February 3, 2008

Leslie Byrne Breaks Democratic Party Rules, Corrupts 11th District and Fairfax Democatic Committee

The following people need to be fired / resign their posts immediately: Larry Byrne- 11th Congressional District Democratic Committee Bruce Nielson- Current treasurer of the Leslie Byrne Campaign and the Fairfax Democratic Committee Does anyone really thing that the Byrne campaign's and the Fairfax County Democratic Committee's books can be completely separate in Bruce Nielson's mind?

Is Larry Byrne acting in the best interests of the entire 11th District Democratic Party of Virginia, or just his wife’s? Thankfully, there are rules against such blatant corruption! Check out the Democratic Party Of Virginia's BYLAWS!

Section 6.6 Duties
Each district committee shall have entire charge and full control of all matters relating to congressional nominations and elections within its district. It shall be the duty of each district committee to perfect the Democratic organization within its district, and see to the proper discharge of their duties by county and city committees or other constituent committees within the congressional district. Committee members should know and understand their responsibility under Section 10.8 and the exception stated in Section 10.9.
Section 6.7 Removal from District Committee
Each district committee may remove from office and membership on the Central Committee and the district committee any member who shall miss three (3) consecutive meetings without cause or who shall be guilty of neglect of any duty imposed upon such members. ...
Section 6.8 Nomination of Candidates for House of Representatives
It shall be the duty of each district committee to fix the time, place and method of nominating in its congressional district a Democratic candidate for the United States House of Representatives....
Section 10.8 Party Support
No Democratic committee member or officer of any Democratic committee shall publicly support, endorse, or assist any candidate opposed to a Democratic nominee. In the event any Democratic committee member shall undertake such public activity, the appropriate Democratic committee shall remove said person from office.
Such action shall not be taken
without at least ten (10) days written notice to the accused member and an opportunity for him or her to refute such charges. In the event that no action is taken against such person, the district committee shall initiate the necessary action. The Steering Committee may take further action within the thirty (30) days after the receipt of a written complaint by any member of the Democratic Party in relation to such matters.
Section 10.9 Candidate Support
The obligations and duties imposed on any county, city or district committee or the Central Committee and their members in this Plan shall not be deemed to require support of any candidate who is publicly supporting a nominee on the ticket of any other political party in any general election where Democratic candidates for office appear on the ballot, or who publicly supports any other candidate opposed to a Democratic nominee.


Alan S said...

This blog does not allow anonymous comments. It does however allow authors of its own posts to remain anonymous. Why is there no real name attached to this 'Original Post' that is basically saying Bruce Nielson lacks either the competence or character to fulfill his duties?

Also, is this as crazy as it sounds? Have I somehow missed Larry Byrne publicly supporting a Republican? I sure hope the author is not nitpicking that Larry is supporting his wife Leslie who is an opponent to Democrats Lori and Doug. Technically, it is true that Larry is supporting an opponent to a democratic candidate, but I think the bylaw is considered to mean, "publicly supports any other [non-democratic] candidate opposed to a Democratic nominee."

I am Alan Salisbury, Democrat, from Lorton, Virginia. Who are you really, Max?

Maximilien Robespierre said...

So if Henry Paulson, US Treasury secretary was also Finance Chair for the Republican National Committee- that would be ok with you?


They are both privy to email lists of activists, volunteers and donors not available to anyone else!

Maximilien Robespierre said...

Not allowing anon. comments was an oversight, and will be fixed ASAP

Alan S said...

Your original post was not about lists. It was about 'books'. I realize you did not directly accuse Bruce of anything. But you implied that Bruce just might steal or co-mingle funds. First, by calling into question the existence of a single person ("anyone") who feels Bruce is competent and/or ethical. You ask, "Does anyone really [think] that the Byrne campaign's and the Fairfax County Democratic Committee's books can be completely separate in Bruce Nielson's mind?" Second, by placing a 'corruption' tag on the original post.

If you feel strongly, you can act. If you are party member, simply file a written complaint to the FCDC steering committee. BTW, I don't think they will let you sign your formal written complaint, 'Maximilien Robespierre'. The next steering committee meeting (according to calendar at is Wednesday, 7:30 PM, February 13th, at FCDC HQ.

If you are not a party member and want to join, you can find info about your local committee at

If you are not a member and are not interested in joining....
ummm... then you should probably look to find something more personally engaging to blog about. Life is too short to waste debating issues you don't care about.

Alan Salisbury, Lorton Democrat

Anonymous said...

This post is erroneous. The DPVA Party Plan you quoted says clearly that Democrats may not work for a candidate opposing the Democratic NOMINEE.

At this point none of the four Democratic candidates running in the 11th CD are the Democratic nominee. The candidate who wins the June 10th primary will be the nominee.

Democratic party officials and activists are free to work for the Democratic primary candidate of their choice and, ultimately the Democratic nominee.

A Democrat gets into hot water when he or she works against the Democratic nominee in the general election like Lowell Feld and Ben Tribbett did during Connolly's race for chair when he was the nominee.

Neither Larry Byrne or Bruce Nielson or any other Democrat working for one of the congressional primary campaigns are violating any Democratic Party rules.

BTW, as chair of the 11th CD, I am remaining neutral in the congressional primary race. That does not preclude my committee members from taking sides in the primary.

-- George Burke, Chair
11th CD Democratic Committee
Member, DPVA Steering Committee

Anonymous said...

Whoa Holly BATMAN! The TRUTH is permeating and irritating the powers that be! If this blogs accusations were so crazy, and unfounded- would the 11th District Chair waist his time responding?!?!


According to Not Larry Sabato- Burke is a corrupt old UNION MAN:

"Unfortunately, George Burke's misdeeds do not stop there. He has used his contacts with labor to manipulate union members in an effort to undermine people in the party that he seems to want to compete with."

OMG?!?! WTF?!? INBD?!? (Oh my God, What the Fuck, Its No Big Deal?)

Coincidence? We thinks not!

Sorry college drop outs like Leslie and her mob boss union boys can’t get jobs unless its at taxpayer expense!

Sorry we're not going to pay inflated prices for lousy products (Ford / GM) when we can have quality, imports- (Hybrids / Toyotas) and performance machines (BMW, etc) that last longer, work better and cost less in the long run!

Plus, you loony liberals whine about global warming- yet it’s your own Jimmy Hoffa unions / auto companies that stall fuel economy standards!