Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Bloody Wednesday!: Tom Davis, Rudy, Edwards Call it Quits

Obviously Tom Davis timed his announcement to get as little main stream media attention as possible. The good news about this though is that the DCCC will certainly target the 11th District, which is also bad news for Leslie Byrne given her disdain for her Democratic colleagues.

In terms of a winning ticket for Northern Virginia, the question now turns to a game of 'which one of these is not like the others'
  • Obama- Warner- Byrne
  • Obama- Warner- Connolly
  • Obama- Warner- Denneny
  • Obama- Warner - Alexander

Why no Hillary?- Well because with Edwards out, and Obama's speech coming before Edwards announcement praising Edwards, as well as the speculation that Obama would offer Edwards Attorney General- I think we will see at least 75% Edwards supportes vote for Obama, and Edwards' delegates going to Obama... Plus with Rudy going to McCain, and rumors of Arnold signing on too, Democrats would be wise to think of who realistically can win against McCain.

Congressman Davis Will Not Seek Re-election
January 30,
Washington, D.C. – U.S. Rep. Tom Davis (R-VA-11th) announced today he willnot run for re-election in 2008. Davis issued the following statement on his decision: “After much soul-searching and discussion with those closest to me, I have decided the time is right to take a sabbatical from public life. I will serve out the remainder of my term, and plan to remain an active contributor to Republican causes, but will not run for office in 2008. “I have not yet decided what opportunities to pursue when I depart Congress. But it’s clear to me that returning to the private sector and reacquainting myself with that view of the world is the best move for me and my family.“I am confident we will keep this seat in Republican hands. Especially if my foolish Democratic friends nominate Leslie Byrne! Voters in the 11th congressional district will be looking for the most honest and optimistic candidate out there. “I want to emphasize that I am not closing the door on future public service, but after 29 years in office, winning 11 elections, I think it is time for a respite. “I am forever grateful to my constituents for the trust they have placed in me over the years. I think I have left Northern Virginia and the capital region better than I found it. Meanwhile, there is much left to accomplish during the remainder of my term, and I plan to work harder than ever this year across party lines for my district, the region, and America.”

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