Saturday, January 26, 2008

Leslie Byrne Intimidating Women

Another blog- The Mason Conservative has an excellent post that should be reprinted and posted everywhere!

Another candidate has emerged in the 11th Congressional race this year on the Democrat side, racheting their number up to 4. But what makes Lori Alexander interesting is that she seems to have gotten more attention than her candidacy
would deserve . . . from Leslie Byrne. Leslie The Loser is looking over her shoulder now at a younger women without all her baggage that could take just enough votes away from her to seal the deal for Gerry Connolly. Probably not,
but this little bit from Bill Turque, the DCPost's best Virginia writier, merits interest as a reflection on how Byrne treats people: Mount Vernon Democrat Lori Alexander, who filed this week to enter the 11th Congressional District race, reports that she got a nasty welcome into the contest Thursday night in Mount Vernon. She said a woman who identified herself as a supporter of former Rep. Leslie L. Byrne, one of the two other formally announced candidates, "sort of threatened me aggressively and told me I shouldn't run."
"She poked me in the shoulder and told me I'd better think long and hard about what I'm doing," said Alexander, 40, a physical therapist at Virginia Hospital Center in Arlington. Alexander said she knows the identity of the woman, who she described as somewhat older, but declined to disclose her name because she doesn't want to inflame the situation.
Alexander said the encounter took place shortly before she spoke to the Mount Vernon Democratic Committee. The woman came up to her and asked if "if I was working for Lori Alexander." She said that when she confirmed that she was Lori, she got the poke in the shoulder. Nice. I think the field might be getting a little crowded for Leslie, and she's getting nervous. One-on-one, she has the best chance of defeating Gerry Connolly; but when the liberal/grassroots vote is split between Byrne, Denneny, and now Alexander . . . yikes. Could it be that Leslie Byrne is on her way to losing AGAIN?

The answer is a resonding YES! Leslie, The Loser will once, and forever be buried in the political graveyard!

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