Tuesday, January 22, 2008

New Candidate in Virginia's 11th Demcoratic Primary

I have heard from a reliable source that someone by the name of Lori Alexander from the Alexandria / Mount Vernon area is about to declare her candidacy for United States Congress in the Democratic Primary from Virginia's 11th district.

Good luck to Lori, the more the merrier!

Needless to say, her entrance would be bad news for Leslie Byrne:
  1. With another woman on the ballot, Leslie loses a few pages out of her copy of the Hillary Clinton playbook and can no longer pull the gender card.

  2. Some voters, especially seniors might be confused (Leslie / Lori)

In other news, Fairfax County Chairmen Gerry Connolly spoke to the Fairfax County Democratic Committee about MLK day and the Democrats prospects for 2008. Connolly was invited by FCDC President Scott Surovell, which appeared to have annoyed Byrne as she and her staff left the room as Gerry began to speak.

Also in attendance were 11th District Candidate Doug Denneny and 10th District Candidate Judy Feder.

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